Sanitation & Cleaning Service

Seattle communities have seen firsthand the effects of COVID-19 on our families, jobs and businesses. There are steps that must be taken to deter the spread of COVID-19. The CDC is recommending the meticulous cleaning of high-traffic areas and surfaces such as counter-tops, handrails, toilets, phones, doorknobs, light switches, kitchen/food areas, water fountains, fitness equipment, sales counters and more. Pacific Rim CR LLC has an experienced and high trained Seattle sanitization and cleaning service department that is standing ready to serve your home or commercial sanitization needs. 

At Pacific Rim CR LLC we use a hospital grade disinfectant that requires only 30 seconds contact time, kills bacteria and is both virucidal and fungicidal.  Our product is completely biodegradable and organic and has zero synthetic chemicals. Our professional Seattle sanitization and cleaning service team utilizes electrostatic spraying. Unlike normal spraying techniques, electrostatic sprayers can completely cover and sanitize any three-dimensional object while only being applied from one angle, essentially wrapping the sanitizing product all the way around any surface or object. This is a particularly effective method for our commercial and home sanitization and cleaning services in Seattle

Our desire is to help as many businesses and individuals as we can during this difficult time. We want to help stop the spread of COVID-19 through common areas in their commercial space or home. If you are in need of sanitization and cleaning services in Seattle, then please call us today.