Have an insurance claim for home or office damage in Seattle or the surrounding areas?  Are you sure? Do you know? Are you covered, if so for what?

In most cases it’s greatly preferred to utilize homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of a Mitigation (water damage) claim. However, it’s a very complex and intimidating process for most homeowners.  Between adjusters, tenants, HOA’s, claims agents, the plumber or roofer or crawlspace company, adjacent tenant policies, HOA’s separate policy and the frustration you already have dealing with the flood in your house… home or office damage insurance claim issues in Seattle can be a literal nightmare!

At Pacific Rim our entire purpose is to eliminate all of those issues by creating a single point solution, ”DRI”  Get it Dry – Get it Restored -Get insurance coverage.

We handle the “entire insurance claim process” for home or office damage. Every single step of the way from the first call to the last drop of paint!

We have incredible success getting homeowners full and complete coverage for their water damage loss.

Pacific Rim did a great job with the mitigation and repairs of our major water leak. Carter, Rafael and their teams were great to work with. Good people who got the work done well and on schedule. It was really nice to have an ally to help work with the insurance company and all the various players in the process.

-Mike P. Yelp Review

It’s one job to get your property covered for the “Water Damage”, it’s an entirely different task restoring your home back to better than before condition.  At Pacific Rim CR LLC, it’s the same job. Office or home damage is easier to deal with when you have Seattle insurance claim help.

Through diligence and persistence Pacific Rim CR LLC has built a stellar reputation within the home insurance community. Pacific Rim works as a “team” with, not against, your insurance.  The respect we have earned means your claim gets paid quicker and that means, you get your home back faster.

When using Pacific Rim to restore your home, or for home and office damage insurance claim help in Seattle, you get dedicated, specialized departments. Our Mitigation Team gets the property “dry” handling the wet, gunky, hazardous situations throughout the home. Then the “Recon Team” focuses on rebuilding your home to better than before conditions. We make sure the  insurance companies you’re using in Washington or Seattle cover all home or office damage they are contractually obligated to

  • Working seamlessly with adjusters yet tirelessly for you is what sets us apart.