Seattle Mold Removal & Remediation

  • mold removal remediationBlack spots along the baseboard in your basement
  • Patches of nasty looking dark areas on the wall in your laundry
  • Smelly spots on the floor near the tubĀ  the most common source of mold work for us is when sheetrock or flooring is removed and a homeowner discovers the proverbial cheese factory

These are generally good indications of mold, potentially dangerous and definitely something you want to remove. The scientific name for the greenish-black mold that turns up on carpet, wallpaper, and ceiling tiles is Stachybotrys Chartarum or Black Mold. It produces a mycotoxin, microscopic mold spores, that causes mycotoxicosis. This is not something you can clean up using a sponge and a shop vac. This requires certified mold testing and black mold removal and remediation experts in Seattle, like those from Pacific Rim CR LLC.

Our Seattle mold removal, remediation, and testing specialists will seal off the area filled with the mold spores, removing the mold and replacing all infected floor, ceiling and wall components. All this, in addition to the full coordination with your insurance company, thus completing our Dri-Cycle Service. You can trust Pacific Rim in Seattle for mold removal, remediation, and testing services in Washington.

Great company that really takes care of their clients! Was very helpful in dealing with the insurance company to get thru the red tape!

-British H. Yelp Review