Professional Emergency Board-Up & Roof Tarping Service

If you’re in need of emergency board-up and roof tarping services, Pacific Rim CR, LLC is the industry expert servicing Seattle and beyond. When emergency strikes, our team is standing by, 24 hours a day to assist and defuse.

If your building has sustained damage from a fire but wasn’t completely consumed, Seattle area emergency board-up and roof tarping services will protect exposed interiors from the elements. If an accident to a window or glass door is putting your merchandise at risk, emergency board-up services will protect your inventory. If you’ve been the victim of a burglary, emergency board-up services will provide peace of mind.

No matter the reasoning behind your compromised home or building, our Seattle board-up and roof tarping services can begin the resolution process. Whether you’re in need of boarding for windows and doors or tarping for a damaged roof, our services are always thorough and transparent. 

We start with an initial assessment of your property, providing you with the details of any damage we find. We then present a board-up plan for your approval. After we answer your questions or address any concerns, the process can begin. 

We’ll also coordinate any removal of our board-up and roof tarping materials in Seattle so your insurance adjuster can access the building and we’ll coordinate with your contractor or construction team once repairs begin.

If your home or building has been damaged by a natural disaster, accident, or forced entry, let our technicians provide some peace of mind with emergency board-up services. We’re available 24/7 to stabilize and secure your property.