Important Things You Should Remember When There Is a Flood

A flood can cause heavy damage to property including vehicles, houses, and personal belongings. Flood damage can be extremely stressful to deal with. Here are a few important things you need to consider when your home is damaged by flood water.

Apart from the inconvenience it can cause to the people around Seattle, consistent heavy rain pushes the water in the sea and rivers to their highest levels which can result in overflowing and flooding. Just recently due to the Skagit River, thousands of homes were hit by flood damage in Seattle. If you are one of those who have experienced flooding, here are a few things that you need to remember.

Flood Damage in Seattle

Practical tips

When the water level starts to increase outside your home and you are expecting the flood water to enter your property, make sure to observe safety first. Turn off the electric supply most especially if the main control panel or the fuse box is located in your basement. This will save you and your entire family from getting electrocuted. Also, make sure you have prepared a working emergency light and flashlight.

As much as possible, avoid getting in contact with the flood water. Regardless of how clear the water is, it is still a flood water and it can be contaminated with various kinds of harmful contaminants. Be vigilant about what is happening around you. When the flood gets more serious, it is better to evacuate early on before it is too late.

What to do after the flood

Normally, the flood water subsides within 24 hours but there may still be a small volume left inside your home. Before doing anything, take a picture or video of your home including all the possible damages. You will need this documentation when filing for insurance claims. It is also important to notify or call the insurance company or your agent as early as possible so they can assess your case and and the claim process can begin.

Dry and clean your house

Once you are already cleared by your insurer and you are already have given the go ahead, start removing the water and drying out of your house. You can do this manually or with the help of a sump pump which you can get from a home supply or hardware shop.

Dry out of Home

Call a flood damage restoration professional

Regardless of how clean and dry you think your house is, it is still better to call a professional who offers restoration services for flood damage in Seattle. Water can get to the most hidden parts of your home. If left unaddressed, this can lead to greater damages to your home structure and mold. A restoration professional can help you scientifically assess the extent of damage the flood had caused including the issues in your foundation, drywall, floor, and windows.

Flood water can weaken the drywall, degrade the structural sheathing, cause cracks in the foundation, damage both the doors and windows, soak and damage the insulation, swell and ruin framing, spoil flooring, and harm the electrical system. While you can check all these damages all by yourself, a trained professional can offer a better and lasting solution.

Restoration companies also have appropriate professional industrial-grade tools, equipment and materials which can help them do the entire cleaning and restoration process more professionally, accurately, and quickly. Apart from that, the restoration professionals act swiftly to avoid further damage to your property and to get rid of mildew or molds buildups.

These important things are likewise applicable to flood caused by malfunctioning of the home water system, foundation leaks, groundwater, plumbing system problems, and leaking or bursting pipes.

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