Fire & Smoke Damage

smoke damage restoration seattleFire Damage is the most devastating sort of property damage that a family or business can experience.  Fire damage is not limited to burnt structures and destroyed belongings.  Massive water damage from the fire suppression systems like sprinklers or the fire department are also very likely sources of damage.  Smoke damage can be the most destructive force in a fire loss.  Smoke gets everywhere, severely impacting entire buildings and damaging personal belongings in areas far beyond the flames and burned areas. Our highly trained, very experienced Seattle fire restoration service and smoke damage repair department responds rapidly and uses state of the art equipment to mitigate your loss and return your life back to normal as quickly as possible. From mitigating the fire damage to, eliminating the odor, to repair and restoration, to cleaning the smoke damage, our Seattle fire restoration service will rebuild your life.

Restoring your property to its original state isn’t a fairy tale.

Insurance claims for Seattle fire restoration service and smoke damage repair are particularly complex and difficult to navigate.  One of the costliest mistakes a property owner makes is attempting to direct a fire damage claim themselves.  Miss-understanding limits, not maximizing coverage, causing additional damage by doing things yourself, and miss allocating insurance funds are just a few of the typical errors that business and homeowners routinely make creating unnecessary, out of pocket expenses.  At Pacific Rim CR LLC we have a dedicated claims management department that specializes in Seattle smoke damage repair and fire restoration claims.  This department strives to ensure your interests are served above that of the insurance companies, and that your life is rebuilt back to its pre-loss condition or better.

As a truly “Complete Restoration Solution” Pacific Rim CR LLC repairs lives and property back to their original luster by providing comprehensive services that include, fire/smoke/water mitigation, total reconstruction and repair and expert insurance claims management.