Complete TLC Restoration

Our team of professionals provide you with coordination and completion of all aspects of your property damage. From estimating and negotiating with your insurance company to the successful restoration of your property. With our Continuum of Care you will know everything has been taken care of.

What does this really mean to you?

As we start the mitigation process (removal of the water), we may not know the extent of the water damage. As we remove debris and start to discover the full impact the water has had on the property, the scope of work could expand Here’s a couple examples to demonstrate –

Example One: Let’s say we pull back the carpet and set up air movers, intending to dry the space and save the existing flooring. Then, once we start, we can see there’s mold on the padding. Will the insurance cover “all” of the carpet, or just the pad? Will the insurance company cover the replacement of the carpet with a different material, such as hardwood?

Example Two: We pull up the linoleum in a bathroom, assuming that’s the extent of the damage. In doing so we find the sub floor under the tub is wet, moldy, and starting to rot. So now the bathtub must be removed. Will insurance cover the cost of of a new bathtub? Will it cover the full replacement of the bathroom sub floor or will it only cover the cost to thoroughly dry the area under the tub?

These examples help to illustrate the ever-changing process of repairing your property. Our Continuum of Care supports this process by providing continual communication with your insurance company as well as the experience in all aspects of the removal and restoration of your property.

1. Expert Removal of Contaminants
We professionally remove water, mold, and other contaminants safely, and quickly. The longer it stays, the more damage it can cause. Because of this we make every effort to be at your door immediately. Our team will handle all water extraction, as well as the removal of any affected materials and household belongings. This is followed by a thorough drying of the affected area using high-speed digitized air movers. Once complete we will spray an environmentally-friendly disinfectant to provide protection against any future mold.

2. Full Restoration and Replacement
Once the debris is cleared, our craftsman get to work. We have some of the most accredited professionals in the business. Electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, all on staff and ready to bring your home back to its original lustre.

3. Coordination with Insurance Companies
It should be noted that our success isn’t because we go to war with insurance companies. Our success has come because we are diligent, as well as accommodating. We do hold the insurance companies accountable, but we do it in a team like atmosphere. An important first step is getting the necessary approval from your insurance company. This is always an interesting process because the insurance company generally offers what they think is a proper settlement amount and it’s usually not the amount it will take to fully-restore the property. We negotiate with these companies and provide the data they need to see the work required to fully restore your property. Insurance companies like to work with us because of our level of integrity. They know we don’t inflate invoices, create work, intentionally do excessive work, defraud claims, lie about causes, purposely destroy property, or let problems continue in hopes of expanding damage.

Our process of coordinating with your insurance company involves several continuously moving pieces. First we meet with the adjusters. We may also coordinate with adjacent property owners, the HOA, and a property management company. It’s also common to be working with 3 to 5 different insurance companies at the same time.